Author — Kattie Tan

Editor — Athena Zhuang and Joyce Li

American women use an average of twelve personal care products per day; 66% of all adults in the United States use prescription drugs; and the average American family spends $40-$50 every month on house cleaning supplies. To ensure the…

Support only the wealthy can afford.

Author — Athena Zhuang

Editor — Joyce Li

“I recommend you to visit Doctor Brown. He is a renowned psychologist who is able to help you get through this difficult part of your life.”

If only it were this easy. Many individuals have wondered…

Writer: Silvia Xie

Editor: Athena Zhuang

Interviewee: Zehra Raza, Senior Marketing Manager at Hershey’s Canada

Jolly Ranchers Misfits are a line of candies: each candy has “two colours, two shapes, two characters,” Zehra says that these Jolly Rancher Misfits best represent her and her job as the Senior Marketing Manager…

Written by: Silvia Xie

Edited by: Joyce Li

Disclaimer: LIBerate Leaders in Business are not responsible for any repercussions or results accomplished using these steps. These are based on a plethora of experiences from various high school students.

Why set up an account in high school?

  • Potential — you aren’t…

Written by: Athena Zhuang

Interviewee: Anne Lam

Stubbornness can go a long way — both in a positive and negative direction. Anne Lam is a vocal and piano teacher, who has used this trait beneficially in her career.

She believes that music has “given [her] a lot of discipline, ambition…

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